Paper Mill Waste Shredding & Washing

Paper Mill Waste Shredding & Washing

Management of Pulp and Paper Mill Waste

Harden provides complete solutions for paper mill waste disposal, which can separate and recycle the pulp, sludge, metal, plastic and rope. This solution can meet general paper mill processing requirements. Harden also can provide customized solutions with different production capacities according to customer specific requirements.


Pulp & Paper Mill Waste Disposal

It is mainly separate PE and PP plastics from paper mill waste for recycling granulation, in which the fiber can be recycled to the paper mill for reuse. The remaining materials shredded to sized RDF for combustion.


Disposal of Twisted Rope in Paper Mill

Twisted Ropes contain 5% -15% metals, and most of the wires are twined with plastic, even in a compressed state, which causes great difficulties for recycling. Therefore, it should be integrated use technical processes such as crushing, screening, and sorting to recycle plastic and steel wire separately.

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Solution A
Soulution B

Double Shaft Shredder

Our double shaft shredder equips intelligent double-shaft motor, with the characteristics of low speed and high torque, which can adapt to crushing various types of wastes and ensure long-term stable operation;

The cutters are made of imported cold work die steel, which are powerful, tough, wear-resistant and impact resistant. The detachable structure enables quick maintenance and fully use of blades, with low maintenance costs and short replacement cycles.


Since most of the wastes in the paper mill are twisted rope, light slag or mixed waste slag, resulting in agglomerated materials remnants after crushing, the breaker is a necessary in the treatment process. Based on the working principle of impacting and shearing the agglomerated material by the rotor rotating at high speed in the dispersing cavity, the wrapped metal are fully dispersed from the bond, which effectively improve the work efficiency and quality of subsequent iron removal and fine screening. 

Magnetic Separator

We adopt permanent magnet self-unloading type of magnetic separator, which can efficiently remove iron metal.

Not only recycling the metal but also avoids interfering with the operation of the equipment in the coming disposal processes.

For preventing dust from spilling, a sealing plate is added to the periphery of the magnetic separator to form a closed space, of which a dust removal interface is set on the top, and the dust is filtered through a dust collector before being discharged.

Electronic Control System

The main control cabinet and the control platform are mutually independent, features touch screen and button control mode, humanized interface design and easy operation; fully automatic mode can realize unmanned operation; manual mode can control the operation of a single device, choose different modes to operate freely.

Intelligent functions such as sound and light alarm, fault visualization, and automatic reminder of equipment maintenance, easy and convenient to handle faults and maintenance works.

Full coverage of video monitoring devices can communicate with the central control system to monitor the running status of the equipment in real time.

Fine Screen

Fine Screens is used to screen materials of different sizes based on the working principle of astrolabe rolling. The gap of the astrolabe can be adjusted to obtain the undersize material that meets the requirements of the discharge size. The oversize materials are returned to the crushing system for another crush until it meets the requirement. The machine is made of imported polymer composite material, which is durable and suitable for various harsh working conditions.

The modularized design and the flexible setting for different processing volume, avoids materials accumulated or twined during the screening process, And the maintenance and repair are simple and convenient.

Chain Conveyor

The chain conveyor adopts shingled galvanized chain plate structure, double-row chain drive and reinforced structure at the bottom of the chain plate. Therefore, the chain plate conveyor has a strong loading capacity, good resistance. Shingled galvanized chain plate structure gives a good leak-proof function to avoid the infiltration of residues from the chain plate. The chain conveyor is equipped with an automatic lubrication system to ensure that the chain has a good lubrication effect, low noise, low vibration and long service life. The chain conveyor adjusts speed by the frequency converter, with an emergency stop button.

Belt Conveyor

There are baffles on both sides of the belt conveyor, which can effectively prevent water leakage and slag leakage. At the discharge end of the belt conveyor, there is a cleaning device and a drain pan at the bottom to prevent the residue from adhering to the belt and causing waste leakage, ensuring that there is no garbage on site. Conveyor control adopts frequency conversion speed regulation with emergency stop button.

Remote Data Analysis

Establishment of real-time monitoring and diagnosis system; Automatic and efficient diagnosis;

Establishment of a message service system for device information reminding and early warning, ensure the regular maintenance and issue early warnings for the illegal operation and failures

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