Waste Rubber Tires Processing System

Waste Rubber Tires Processing System


Waste tires are called black pollution. The accumulation of a large number of waste tires not only occupies the land but also seriously damages the environment. Because waste tires are not biodegradable, the decomposition time of tires is uncertain. At the same time, waste tires contain elements such as lead, chromium, cadmium and other heavy metals, which can pose a threat to human health and the environment if be handled and managed improperly. Long-term stacking of waste tires in the open air will not only occupy a large amount of land resource, but also easily breeds mosquito-borne disease, seriously deteriorates the natural environment and hides fire hazards. Therefore, how to deal with the surging number of waste tires has become an urgent need to solve the problem of environment and development of supporting industry. 


Recycling of steel wire

The sieved steel wire has a rubber content of less than 1% and can be smelted into steel shots, which can be used for sand removal and rust removal of castings.

Auxiliary fuel

The calorific value of tires is more than 8000 kcal. Most high-heat industries such as cement plants, power plants, can use waste tires as alternative fuels, thereby reducing production costs.

Rubber regeneration

The crushed rubber powder can be widely used in highways, airplanes/sports runways, flame-retardant materials, rubber and plastic bottoms, waterproof materials and other fields. 

Thermal pyrolysis

After tire crushing, the mixed oil produced by the condensation and the non-condensable combustible gas  can be used for fuel-burning power generation.the separated coarse carbon black can be for commercial application.

Application of rubber powder
Rubber floor tile
Pitch which is improved by rubber particle
Rubber product
Thermal pyrolysis product of shredded material
Carbon black
Burning oil 
Combustible gas
Technology flow diagram of thermal pyrolysis pretreatment
The display of core equipment

Double shaft shredder

Stable operation / Imported knives from Europa / Low maintenance cost 

Disc screen

High wear resistant alloy material / Adjustable capacity 

Steel wire separator 

Knives with adjustable direction / Repairable knives

Magnetic separator 

Effectively removing metal / Prevents the leakage of the dust 

Dust separator

Effectively remove the dust produced from the system / Excellent sealing performance / Low energy cost 

Slat conveyor

Anticorrosive material / Remote start and stop, emergency stop / Intelligent overloading protection 

Remote data analysis 

Central database / Automatic expert system for fault diagnose / Message reminder and warning system

Electrical control system

Automatic operation / Sound-light alarm / Fault visualization / Real time monitoring 

Processing line
Selected cases
Waste rubber tires project, Korea
Waste rubber tires project, Guangdong, China
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